Remember a few months back i had a lampshade dilemma...!  well i was going to make a slipcover Raspberry Grace left me a link to a tutorial ...needless to say i haven't got around to it as my sewing machine needs a service the stitching gathers up underneath ,  luckily.. Cowslip Patchworks..  will take them as they are an agency for someone  so will take it over this week
. However i found a link on another blog and found these yummy shades at giftdotcom  and only 99p ! also some recycled red spotty  big bags to tidy some of my clutter away ,   wool , fabric etc ... also  a little red spotty milk jug ..i have a red  spotty thing going on at the moment and have invested in some plain cream china that mixes so well with any pattern ...and looks fab on my cath  kid  red paisley oilcloth
Did you notice  my last post  the MDF shapes  ? waiting to be decopatched   i have done an N for my daughters birthday and am pleased  with the result i went to ..Westpoint .and bought several papers i  have done a big clock i bought in an auction for  £1..and that looks  fab  i will photograph it later now i am looking around and can see loads that i could decopatch .
 At last weeks auction i bought four pine dining chairs for £5 and plan to paint them all different colours i have some CK paint bought from  Craig@Rose  and some Farrel@Ball  leftover from another project...
plenty to keep me outa mischief !!

Good Times xx


My Valentine

My Valentine  brought me some 12  faby red roses this morning and a beautiful card ....
  I will post some pics later right now we are off out for lunch probably in Asda  but oh what a joyous day it is folks the sun is shining and it  makes my heart go  skipy ,  at the family farm baby lambs are being born and on my word i do believe spring is not far away ....!!
Good Times ....i think so ....X X


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