---- Chris born on June 5th

I,m a little sad .. 15 years ago today i lost my firstborn son in a fatal car crash, i,m OK ...but... sad then happy various emotions they are not acute and gut wrenching as they were in the early years ..
I feel peaceful and nurtured with a few phone calls , Jax ... my daughter Naomi .. and my girlfriend and we chatted about Chris ..you see hes in my heart.. my memories.. .....sometimes i panic and think ..what did his voice sound like ?.... and i screw up my eyes wanting to visualise to see his face , and recently i forgot what colour his eyes were..! panic ..all normal stuff in the process of learning to live without a child my baby.. my grown son .. and i miss him so very much ... i will see him again one day you see the Prodigal son did come home , I had the privilege of baptizing him with the Pastors of my church 9 months before you see he was only ever lent to me and now he is with his Heavenly Father .....
Its been a fabulous day weather wise and i have been losing myself in potting plants , also i gave a basket a lovely paint job in Cath Kidston Delphinium such a lovely colour , being creative is like medicine for me ......

YES there have been Good Times


Possible lampshade fabrics

Decision made ..i,m going to make the covers for my lampshades choice of two but i think i will be the red CK gypsy? i,ve just draped it over the shade to give an idea what it could look like .. see my previous post ..two ideas..given by Sian and Raspberry Grace and a link to a tutorial , have to hand stitch them as the tension on my machine is all wrong .
A little broach to tickle your taste buds i have a few for sale and two more bags .
Its been a sunny windy day today my favourite weather !..potted up some plants , painted a small bookcase in CK furniture paint Delphinium ....Gorgeous colour i,m going to order some more my dresser would look good in this colour!! cant wait !

Good Times X



bgcolor="#EEEEEE" align=center>

You Are An ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).

You enjoy spending your free time in nature. You are good with animals and children.

Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms. You live for the simple pleasures in life.

Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.

You have an underlying love for all living things, and it's easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive

I saw this on another blog I,m actually [was ] a Nurse... 95% .. correct ..especially when other people don't get me has been my achilles heel .... good job i know me ... x

Lampshade ideas

Help ..!needed girls I,m at a loss i,m searching for two table lamp shades biggish as the base is a good two feet tall , something like Cath Kidston used to do in flowery or gingham check i have googled it and so far have come up with plain ones at a shocking price and not my cuppa tea anyway ....I went to the Biggie Best site but i had to be trade to find out prices there's used to be fab... but for sure high in price , Ikea had some plain ones but not available to buy on line in plain red ...My nearest Ikea is in Bristol which is almost 3 hours from me in Cornwall .....living where i do is perfect ..... my nearest big shops is Plymouth and that's 35 miles away and rarely go these days so online is perfect for me ..
I have had a string of thrifted lampshades over the years but i feel these lamps that i have done a makeover on... deserve a new one ... could get excited and cover one ..i don't know how.. but could have a bash ,if i don't find what i want cant be that hard can it ?
I shall continue my search ....

Good Times x x


Sunny Days

Is it to good to be true or are we in for some dry sunny days ? my spirit felt lifted today just to be able to potter outside and hang my washing out to dry...
The hanging baskets are fattening up nicely.... in the green house by night and out on dry days . We live in a quite backwater hamlet and quite high up ,so get a lotta wind we are still getting some frosty mornings .. so end of June before its safe to put them out at the rate they are growing .
We have about 400 little plants Petunias Diascia Geraniums slowly growing but we need some warm sunshine to speed them up !!!Its still quite cold here in the UK....i.m still wearing jeans socks and jumpers !!

That's all for today ........

Good Times xx


New specs ..!

Just thought i would show off my new specs ...!!

Finished Cushions

Here they are cosy soft fat and comfy...... ..... I bought them from here ...www.design-a-cushions.co.uk

Tavistock...day out

Last Saturday we went to Tavistock to collect my new glasses ....i lost my beloved green ones in the garden and found them days later with the arm hanging off...i was long overdue for a test so chose some new ones ..one pair is tortoiseshell and the other is a soft red colour buy one pair get one free in Spec savers i,m really pleased with them
Of course i had a recky in the Charity's and found some nice bits of fabric that i plan to make cushion covers with ...no luck with cushions pads in Tavistock for the newest crochet covers but found some on the Internet 22" round £11 each in duck down they came today so have sewn them in ,..and they look a treat really fat and soft.
Its such a shame that the local shops have closed and i couldn't get cushion pads within maybe 35 miles and no guarantee that i would get them in Plymouth ...my nearest city i always like to buy local but no choice on this purchase
Rain has stopped play in the garden the weather has been wild and torrential rain here for about well almost 3 weeks so no paint job on my old trunk .. as i paint outside i,m itching to do it as its going in my bedroom
We did our grocery shop in Morrisons on the way home and couldnt believe my eyes what a treat this enamel breadbin and cannisters for £14.99.... somehow fell into the trolly...!! of course i had a breadbin but i keep potatoes in it now ! just the job ....

Good Times x


Crochet bags

The first photo is the front of my first ever round cushion its 20" in diameter love it !i,m looking out for a suitable jumper to cut up for the back or fabric /fleece maybe..i feel its too costly to have a crochet back and never see it !

My bags have turned out really well and they are all different sizes i modified the original pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 and they are all made using Rowans pure wool DK..expensive to make but well worth it and they are for sale one is sold already my first sale ...

Look out for some paint makeovers over the next few days i,m working on a little something.
Big Al has the weekend off and we are going to Tavistock my favourite town its got an excellent market.. also i,m collecting my new glasses..!

Good Times xx

As promised crochet bags


Auction bargains

I love this old tin trunk ..the inside is in good order the outside not so ..i plan to paint it ..not sure what colour ...maybe cream... a bargain at £4

Just what i needed a brolly/stick basket £3...love it
These pine shelves are going in the kitchen ...£15

Just what i needed a brolly/stick basket £3...love it

Look out tomorrow when i,m posting shots of my latest crochet bags using the same pattern as before ..ish..i adapted it somewhat ...and one is sold already .....!

Good Times x x


1940s bicycle

Do you like my bicycle its a genuine 1940s no gears wonder who used to ride it maybe a district nurse ? i expect it could tell a tale or to..!.i bought it in a farm auction for £12 its even got a child's seat on the back ...last year i planted the basket with summer blooms ,and i found another just the right size to fit in the seat it looked a treat and reminded me of holidaying in a French village and saw a bicycle propped against a cottage ...sigh would love to revisit that village again

Good Times x x


Tomorrow i,m off to the monthly auction ...i really look forward to it,its a kinda stress buster, we have fun too .. and meet up with aquantances there .
Ben is away for the weekend in respite . so we can go out to play !! ha ha ..i,m hoping i can get some more plant pots i did last time and i need some more ...i,ll write and update you all om my bargains


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