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For Sale

 Dolls House   .. Navy coach built silver cross 60/70s twin dolls pram and white drop side  cot

 The pram needs some  restoration  only if you felt like it  some rust on the chrome ..
 The tudor style three story  dolls house was made by a dotting Grandpa. not posh..  but  could be.. a little girls dream!.
The cot seems  to be too large for dolls and could even have been made crib size for a baby...!

My intention was to  makeover the dolls house and the cot  but i have so many projects on the go  i just know its going to be ages before i can  put the time to it  i still have  a small dolls house 60s style and small dolls pram 50s style     ! But i have to be real and put sentiment to one side i need to de clutter my clutter  ..i,m feeling  weak at the knees at the thought of  it all the sorting of  the attic !! the caravan in the garden .. .and my dining room  eek...a work party would be good  !...
I am a  self confessed hoarder...and no longer in denial ? ha ha   so watch this space as i.. clear.. sort.. and  recycle..! i think i could stock a shop ...

Good times xX.


Spring has sprung ..

  Sunny days are here ....  better times to come ..
On a positive note i have been very creative  i find that when i am  floored with fibro days  being creative is therapy for me  .. and i have a feast of colour to photograph to show you all
..  .I love to see all the spring flowers  and baby lambs hop skipping in the field  behind the house  ...new life is...amazing...
Tomorrows  plan   the garden centre .. we have a lot of national garden  gift tokens given us as Christmas presents to use   i,m thinking  Hollyhocks  lupins delphiniums fuchsias and bedding plants galore we are digging a new flower bed so need  to fill it ..

At the last auction i bought a welsh dresser dark oaky colour  in dire need of a face lift .. the plan is to paint it and wallpaper the back ..colour ?... the jury's still out on that one  .

 My absence this last weeks  has been because I have   fibromyalgia /Cf's and the symptoms have been acute and i have huge spinal skeletal  damage that requires major surgery which i am mulling over whether to have it as the surgeon cannot guarantee  i will be pain free after  .... like a lot of nurses  the no lifting policy  came too late..  and i have  had blogger block  and brain fog ..!! and felt as though i had  nothing to say .. not like me at all ..ha ha ........ but thankfully  i am much improved.... Ben has had another bad seizure  last week and we ended up blue lighted to Derriford hospital  Plymouth   until 4am !
 But the fog is lifting and i have so much planned for this year ..i have a special birthday  in December and am using this  year as a ..i need to ...DE CLUTTER.. ... yes you heard it first  here girls  .......

Good Times Xx


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