Today i have actually been out and mixed with humans ,!! i live in the country and very content to be around the homestead all week ... anyway let me explain .. Jax is my niece , but more like my little sister , lives about 14 miles away .we get together and craft and have a girlie catch up . Jax has these chairs[dining] that needed the seats recovering [hubby hates them ] ..knowing this i took my trusty staple gun with me ,well just in case ... some thick ticking fabric was the chosen fabric and i set about the job, halfway through i let her into a secret ..Jax i have never done this before...she thinks i can do anything ..well i pulled it off , and the second was much easier i had a ball and shes happy too and for a first time not bad ,they look contemporary instead of frumpy...and i think Her hubby wont be taking them to the recycle center after all ..

Good Times



Our heart flower bed is bursting with spring flowers i have jugs of daffodils all over the house..Love them !! and a few things i bought from Asda that tickled my taste buds ..Some plastics pots - windmills - cute tools and little metal buckets just the right size to plant some primroses into ..

Good Times


Here is a before and well before! , the oilcloth with be cut and and stapled to fit cost about £ 3 i,ve painted one chair nice colour isn't it ?..forget me not blue..

Good Times ..


This one was last years garden table it was a little more challenging to cover a round table ..lots of turning and pleating and loads of staples..cost about £2.50 this was a cheaper oilcloth about £3 per mtr
The bench i painted in Cuprinol sea grass green ..covers really well

Good Times..


I,m thrilled with this little table i,ve covered it with Cath Kidston's oilcloth red pop flowers ..i bought a fat quarter from eBay got to work with my staple gun .. this is a fab way to reinvent a piece of redundant furniture ,its temporally outside until i make over the garden set .

Good Times ..


Florence our Tabby is fifteen on April 14TH
Milly our Westie is going on for eight
Susie is around nine my Naomi re homed her from the cat protection but for now she lives here until Naomi moves house she is in a house share at the moment so no pets

Meet the four legged family


This one i made in Stylecraft wool a budget price but stretchy [acrilyc] i lined the handles with webbing as they will stretch when on your shoulder with goodies in,
my next one is in Rowan all wool.


This chair was really grotty when i got it , although in its day believe it or not would have cost around £250...not bad for £1...after a little sanding ..it was transformed with some duck egg blue chalk paint from Annie Sloane in Oxford i bought several cans on line as i don't have a local stockist here in Cornwall
Chalk paint is the perfect medium for painting on wood and i have used this many times you can use emulsion but i always go back to Annie's
So here you go ....sand .. paint two coats.. finish with a water based wax using a brush, allow to dry ..distress using course then fine sandpaper ,..wax again ,optional ..i always do two waxes on chairs or hard wear items..and ...Enjoy

Good Times x

An ercol chair transformed its cost a £1..


What sumptious colours .


This week Big Al has had a weeks leave,which has been really nice , we have done loads in the garden ...we couldn't find the card reader to upload for weeks Big AL found it today under my computer desk .. so will post some pics in a day or two.
On Monday we went to Helston [70 miles] to visit some friends we haven't seen in ages , Tuesday we went to Tavistock[12 miles ] my favourite town it has an indoor farmers/craft market bought some fab buttons,and a good old mooch round the charitys where i bought some fabric and some walking boots didnt i do well ?.
Today the postie brought two parcels ..one a book from Amazon and the other some fab Rowan wool planned to make a ripple blanket ,i have almost finished my second bag pattern on Lucy's..Attic 24 i have been crocheting for ever !!but have only recently followed a pattern last year i made about 10 large blankets all striped so no pattern needed the ripple will be a challenge .....can i do it i hope so .
We have been blessed with lots of sunshine this week the 21st the first day of spring my favourite season...

Good Times x



I have been busy outside for several hours today , emptying plant pots ,planting bulbs
re potting , doesn't sound a lot but it was a workout ! and boy do i ache all over !! everywhere needs a spring clean outside ready for ..SPRING..I enjoy spring best of all it reminds me of new life ...buds on the trees , daffodils ,tulips , violas ,pansy's primroses , trees slowly turning green ,baby lambs are arriving on the family farm..and its uplifting to see them hop skipping in the sunshine in the field behind ,us new sounds birds sing more as they feel the season changing too, i embrace all the seasons but spring is just the best
I have big plans involving the garden that involve Big Al too he doesnt know yet might need to break him in gently ....



Yesterday i was excited to gather a bunch of daffodils from my garden isn't it nice to have colour springing up from the garden, lots of crocus in various colours, i am a girl that loves colour,!! , whilst i can see that minimalist and cream neutral colours make for an uncluttered look ,and would make my life a lot easier if i was like that ...but its just not ..me.. !!I like colour and clutter..!
I need colour ..!it evokes my senses cheers me up, i feel happy with the richness of colour around me ...my favourite palette is what i describe as ..wine gum ..colors, and they follow me throughout my home in every room ,
and in my garden ..strong reds, golds ,blues, deep pinks ,purples, can be found in my flower beds i have a big heart shape flower bed on the front lawn Big AL years ago one weekend morning started digging around sunrise and when he was almost done shouts up to the bedroom window for me to look out, bleary eyed i see this lovely love heart shape ..now hes a chap who rarely tells me he loves me in words but by actions ..needless to say it,s filled with colourful pretties such as snowdrop lots of them . .tulips are next to bloom a statement of Big Al's love for me, we both adore flowers and Big Al says a lady needs flowers for her table.. a new flower bed is planned when i can convince him to dig it ..soon ..hope so !
I am constantly reminded of the wonder of how God created..Everything !!!...Perfect ..Don't you think ? x



Look at these little cuties !

Today has been a lovely day ...mostly because i went to an auction which i really enjoy.the car was bursting with my auction goodies ,a wheelbarrow for £3..a bargain and it will be .. MINE.. a huge amount of terracotta pots , a cat basket and a few bits n bobs , some of the pots i plan to paint i want to create and inject some extra colour outside and the garden table and chairs will have the same face lift !!forget me not blue and lavender is my plan .....i just need some sunny spring days to kick start me ....


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