I,m Chillin

All ls well after my epidoodal !![ steroid ]i was on a monitor for 90 minutes after then allowed home ,as my BP was fine ,it can drop dramatically and then after 30/40 mins pick up and today well i,m a little fragile and sore the pics indicate what i,m doing under a blanket with Florence our cat snuggling up together and doing a little stitching and crochet.i have just braved a freezing cold kitchen and popped in the oven a beef and vegetable casserole , it will cook nice and slow .

I supposed to take take things easy for 2/3 days for best effect .. i do try !!!
A year ago we lost our dog.. Beanie .. this weekend we are going to visit a little west highland white named Milly..she is eight and we have been offered to us by a breeder who is the guy who will in the summer fix our roof we have got to know Seb and his postwomen wife Val well ,sadly Milly is barren . more on that
when we have met her. and see if she likes us.


Hospital visit. Pics of . The men in my life . Big Al @Ben

Oh i have been really busy today ,catching up on as much as i can
as tomorrow Wednesday i have to be up with the lark ! i have to
be in hospital by 9am ...and its 30 + miles from me and the traffic
into the city ..PLYMOUTH.. [ UK ]will be heavy , a good friend is driving me I,m having an epidural into my spine for pain relief ..its not pleasant ,but it really does make a difference to my day to day life , i have three a year, surgery is really major and the surgeon cannot guarantee i will be pain free after !! it involves a rod some scaffolding and lots of screws !!!in and around my spine..i would have to be in good shape to have the operation ...not sure what he means by that ..ha ha ..i,m putting it off for as long as i am able .i,m much better than i have been for a long while.. i also have ..Fibromyalgia..which is behaving at the moment .. its been .a challenging seven years .but like any chronic condition you learn to live with it ,and i am a positive kinda gal and my friends laugh as i always have my lippy on no matter what ....well i have to look at.. me ..so i reckon i gotta look my best ... when i was nursing i didn't have any pockets in my uniform so well guess what ? i kept my lippy down my bra !!!i,m good at improvising !!So for 3/4 days i am supposed to take things easy ...for best result. Ben is in respite until Thursday night. Ben is autistic and some brain damage/+epilepsy and although almost thirty is like a young boy really he is very handsome and has a lovely personality, we are very close.
Think of me.....



We have been to an auction today its such fun i bought a huge wicker basket
its shaped like a wash basket ,laundry or logs not sure yet £4 ..also a portable TV /built in DVD for £13 its fairly new, well it is to me isn't it ? and our spare one is ancient !the auction is held on the edge of Bodmin moor in a little village hall, the auctioneer's wife does tea ,cake, and sandwiches ..and its quite the gathering place to meet up and have a yarn [chat] with acquaintances we have got to know at the auction
The sun has had its .hat .on today chilly but no wind ,what i call ..healthy weather ...mind you its blowing a gale and raining hard now at 10.45 pm ...


Big Al and me on hols in Wales last summer with all the relatives down on the farm ..we had a games afternoon ...it was a lotta fun..!!!!
Last year was a hundred years of the classic..Bob... i read in a fashion magazine waiting at the hairdressers in early December my intention was to just have a trim ,i was telling Denise who cuts my hair ,she said yours would suit that ,and well before i knew it fourteen inches of length was on the deck....my hair was the longest it had .ever been mid way down my back its very curly and red !! so now i have an inverted Bob!
I returned today for just a trim..
You see until i was forty i disliked my hair, but then something happened .. we had some teaching in my church about who we are in Christ Jesus ...God revealed to me who i was ,,i had some prayer about the issues with my hair and now i ...Love it... and don't want to go gray ...possibly ever .both my Granny's were redheads so it was bound to happen to one of us i have four sisters and i am number four
It was actually my Mum who disliked red hair and was relieved when the first three were born and were dark brown ,when the district Nurse [Cookie ] who's 50Th birthday i was born on [ she delivered us all at home ] wrapped me up and handed me to Mum she forgot all about the red thing ..unconditional.. Love.. my Mum really did not want a fourth child let alone another girl ..God new me in my Mothers womb ... PS 139
says it all ..don't you think ..oh and girl number five arrived a year later !!



Its been a productive day .. ages back i bought rather a nice brass lamp at an auction it was rather tarnished ..and today i painted it in Farrow/Balls all white,
its a tall lamp and its turned out well ,i have sealed it with a liquid acrylic wax, next is a new shade...
Also i had a blackboard with a pine trim ..its also white now and i covered the picture at the top with a piece of Anna Griffin paper ...Lovely pictures to follow..


This year ..hope so

Don't you just love this wallpaper its a Cath Kidston print and i,m hoping that its still in print when we get around to putting it up , I have the bedlinen in the similar CK design and it looks rather lovely i bought it from eBay that is the colour palette .add some gingham and duck egg blue ,here and there .. lovely ...i can see it all finished ....
I,m yearning for an old fashioned iron bed , well i would settle for a newish one pretending to be old ..if that doesn't happen then the pine one will have a face lift .i will paint and distress it , loads can be stored underneath the bed in trunks , our bedroom is small ..and when we decorate we may have to sleep in the camper in the driveway ..should be fun... we haven't got a spare bedroom..maybe one day ...
Anyways it will be a summer task ..as we are waiting for the roof man to fix a damp problem first .. but the good ones are always busy but worth waiting for.



Its gone ..how i did it well by accident really it was listed under edit posts so all i did was delete ..too easy..now i can download the MP3 skin that i like ....x


Productive Friday

Just a smooth running day cleaning ,tidying ,washing ,drying,well
a bit of everything really my hubby has all weekend off so wanted to catch up so that i can spend some time with him in a tidy house ..yippee..he doesn't mind at all he never even notices it when its a mess !! but i have to have organised chaos in my clutter ...
My brother in law has had double heart by pass in Plymouth and a dear friend Alec has had his hip replaced they are doing well so some cards to make and some visits .i think..



Its been a different day today ... a girlee day spent with my niece who is really like my
sister i was ten when she was born ,we get together and try out different craft ideas i have a new cuttle bug machine so we put it together gave it a trial run ....fantastic ...to emboss a whole card in paisley it looked fab... and that's the beginning i have a few more dies to try ..we haven't seen each other since Christmas week so we had a lot to catch up on,she lives about twelve miles from me


Lazy Saterday.

Today has been a really quiet day Big AL was at work until 2 ish so we just lazed around and watched a film called ....Overboard ... really funny with Goldie Horn in and of course a happy ever after ..I like that !!


Post Christmas tidy up

Most of today has been tidying away ..stuff...and takes so much longer
than the cleaning , !! Ben was in respite today for a long day so this was my opportunity the sitting room seems bare without the decorations .. I think i will move things round a little ...

We had our first ever digital camera for Christmas so i need to learn how it works ,i think i will take some pics of some of my favourite things .......As you can see my dresser needs to be sorted too much on ,this is the before picture the after when i,m done ........


Saturday afternoon jolly...

Today we took a trip to my favourite town ,Tavistock which is in
Devon its got a really great indoor market that sells everything you can think of,
i,ve gotta thing about little teddy bears and found two to come and live at ours
also my husband treated us to some fab Cath Kidston oil cloth , red paisley , it was only
yesterday i thought how nice it would be to have some red cutlery, well would you believe
it i picked up a set in a charity shop for £2 a nice bright red , i would like some red table mats next i,m sure they will come along , maybe i will look on eBay !!
You see God looks after us in ways that often don't notice and i don't mind if its new,or a second
hand find its .....new to me.. another thing i got was a biscuit barrel very old with fab flowers on no lid , but will look super with flowers in or ..sweeties !! even ...
I just love a Saturday afternoon jolly out with my beloved Big Al ......x.


This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and i am excited !!
i don't know what it looks like, but hey lets see, i feel that i am finally finding ..Me
My journey as a Christian ..Wife ,Mum ,Sister,Auntie ,and Friend


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