Big Al and me on hols in Wales last summer with all the relatives down on the farm ..we had a games afternoon ...it was a lotta fun..!!!!
Last year was a hundred years of the classic..Bob... i read in a fashion magazine waiting at the hairdressers in early December my intention was to just have a trim ,i was telling Denise who cuts my hair ,she said yours would suit that ,and well before i knew it fourteen inches of length was on the deck....my hair was the longest it had .ever been mid way down my back its very curly and red !! so now i have an inverted Bob!
I returned today for just a trim..
You see until i was forty i disliked my hair, but then something happened .. we had some teaching in my church about who we are in Christ Jesus ...God revealed to me who i was ,,i had some prayer about the issues with my hair and now i ...Love it... and don't want to go gray ...possibly ever .both my Granny's were redheads so it was bound to happen to one of us i have four sisters and i am number four
It was actually my Mum who disliked red hair and was relieved when the first three were born and were dark brown ,when the district Nurse [Cookie ] who's 50Th birthday i was born on [ she delivered us all at home ] wrapped me up and handed me to Mum she forgot all about the red thing ..unconditional.. Love.. my Mum really did not want a fourth child let alone another girl ..God new me in my Mothers womb ... PS 139
says it all ..don't you think ..oh and girl number five arrived a year later !!


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I am a God following Cornish girl still living in this lovely County!... I am fortunate to live in a sleepy backwater in North Cornwall.. I am part of a very creative family of five girls i,m number four! Married and blessed with two sons and a daughter a Granddaughter and a Great Grandson...! I Love being a housewife and a Mum.. and all that goes with it ! from jam making to washing the floors .! I love to knit and crochet with bright colours..! Colour is for me is food for the soul ... my style is shabby country meets Cath K !! i have many hobbies i like painting furniture and generally giving new life to things that have been pre owned and rummaging around junk shops but more importantly i like my home to be a safe cosy comfy retreat..for all that come .....