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Cornwall, Select..., United Kingdom
I am a God following Cornish girl still living in this lovely County!... I am fortunate to live in a sleepy backwater in North Cornwall.. I am part of a very creative family of five girls i,m number four! Married and blessed with two sons and a daughter a Granddaughter and a Great Grandson...! I Love being a housewife and a Mum.. and all that goes with it ! from jam making to washing the floors .! I love to knit and crochet with bright colours..! Colour is for me is food for the soul ... my style is shabby country meets Cath K !! i have many hobbies i like painting furniture and generally giving new life to things that have been pre owned and rummaging around junk shops but more importantly i like my home to be a safe cosy comfy retreat..for all that come .....


This is how its been at home today ....Bliss...!

Lots of this  lovely stripes of Double Crochet every line a different colour...250 stitches.............Enjoyment...

Lots of winding i always wind my wool into balls i think its because when my Grannie came to stay with us she always had a lot of   skeins  and we had to hold our arms up whilst she did the winding  we so loved having Grannie to stay.................Familys 
Good Times............ Oh Yes